Briidge 2020 COVID-19 Edition

Just like the year 2020, Briidge also had some problems. Briidge didn't test positive for COVID - 19 , but our update went terribly wrong. Before 2020, Briidge was a flourishing start up with endless opportunities.. You could explore the internet's best websites in a convenient and beautiful way.

But now we are semi-broken - Just like the year 2020 - We are looking around wondering what the f*ck happened. Approximately 95% of our images & hard work was lost in a 2020 update ---------- Briidge 2020 update was a reflection of the year 2020 - So we know how you feel. Cheers to 2021 and a pandemic free future. Enjoy the best broken websites on Briidge v2020. Thankfully the IM FEELING LUCKY button was not effected.