1What is Briidge?
We believe the best & most useful websites have the right to be easily, equally & unbiasedly accessible for our advantage & for yours.

The internet has over one billion websites!!! How can you keep up??? Access, explore & discover the best websites, companies & brands on

On, you have the internet at your finger tips. Briidge connects the best of the gigantic web & empowers YOU to enjoy an internet without limits. Every time you open, all the best choices are right in front of you. Explore our categories filled top to bottom with amazing websites for all of your interests. From entertainment websites to educational websites, we deserve the best & so do you. Briidge features: The best websites. The most useful websites. The most interesting websites. The most under-rated websites. All together in one place, all connected right here. Briidge is the internet on a silver plater.

Some people call Briidge: an internet hotspot, an access hub, the guide to the internet, or the Netflix of the internet. Whatever description you decide to use for Briidge, just remember: we are very different from Google.
2How do I use Briidge?
On Briidge you are a click away from your favourite websites or a click away from thousands of the world's leading websites, companies and brands. Just click on websites you know, and we take you there. Click on unfamiliar websites & experience the gigantic internet. Click, click, click -- click, click, click -- click, click.

It's very simple, yet very powerful. Click to access your favourite websites, companies and brands. Or click to access the rest: the most popular, most interesting, the most useful and more. When you are looking for fast access to the most popular sites, Briidge is the answer. When you are searching, Google is the answer. When you want to access, explore & discover the best on Briidge; pick your category of interest and enjoy an internet without limits.
3I do all of my internet searching on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Why do I need Briidge?
There are reasons to search, there are reasons to surf, we help you with both. When you need something specific, use Google. If you’re doing extensive research, use multiple search engines. But when you’re exploring the world wide web, Briidge is the answer.

At Briidge headquarters, we encourage & love using a variety of search engines on the daily! There are benefits in using multiple search engines for maximum information & specific search engines for different researching needs. Do you know the differences between the best search engines? Aside from giving you easy access to the top search engines, we’ve also provided easy access to many more interesting, useful & popular sites.

Briidge is not a search engine but Briidge will empower you with access to the world's best, most popular & favourite websites. Briidge will enable you to discover a bunch of awesome sites that you would probably never search for, or easily find on a search engine. Briidge is the internet's best resource for convenience, variety & discovery. Once you open your mind to the gigantic internet, you'll realize, Briidge is an internet necessity.
4Why is there no search bar on Briidge?
This is not a search engine! Briidge is a Surf Engine!

Briidge empowers you with fast access to the world’s best websites, organized and categorized. Briidge was not created for searching. Need to search something specific? Go to Google. Need multiple search engines? You can visit our Search Engine Hub for your all of your searching needs. Learn the benefits of searching with multiple search engines, you may become more internet savvy!
5I have my favourite websites in my bookmarks, why should I use Briidge?
At Briidge - we love bookmarks, thats how we access Briidge & other personal links! We know that bookmarks play an important role in the internet experience, but there are just too many cool websites to bookmark them all! When you try to save thousands of websites onto your bookmarks & favourites, it's really easy to lose track of all those awesome websites. Save a few, Briidge the rest. Don’t restrict yourself to a few websites, get a broader perspective from a variety of sites to stay informed & up to date with trending news & current topics. Surf the net with wonder, variety & choice.
6Why can’t I personalize or customize my favourite websites?
You are busy, we know that. Bookmarks & toolbars exist. We know that too. So when you find a website or personal link you really like, save it to your bookmarks, reading pages, favourites or toolbar. That’s how you customize your favourites, on your own personal computer, mobile or tablet. Save a few, Briidge everything else.

Would you like a custom Briidge hub for personal use or for your business? It’s possible! Contact us.
7I mostly use my apps on my mobile phone, what are the benefits of using Briidge on my cellphone?
Your favourite mobile apps should be easily accessible. But there is no need to download 100 mobile apps and there is no need to bookmark 100 websites. Access everything on Briidge.

Some mobile applications are very useful & convenient, but storing many apps on your phone is not practical and takes up a lot of space. On Briidge you can access & enjoy almost all of those amazing platforms without compromising your cellphone’s storage space. Save your storage for things that matter like your photos and videos. While overloading your phone with apps that are taking up unnecessary space, some of them are also draining your data when you are not actively using them. Regardless of your opinion of mobile apps, Briidge will help you access, explore and discover the best without downloading 1000 mobile applications.
8Where does Briidge find websites and how does Briidge rank them?
We fill our categories with the most popular, interesting, useful & under-rated websites, which we find from a variety of sources. Our research team explores thousands of pages from different search engines looking for the best sites around the net. We also search reliable website lists & global website rankings to find all of those amazing sites. In addition, Briidge receives many website requests from users. After a website is analyzed & passes requirements, it will be on our waiting list to be featured in its relevant category. Suggest your favourite websites today!

For the most part, Briidge features the most popular sites near the top of a category, but this may vary. If a website is very useful, interesting or has great content, we may also feature it near the top. Our categories are filled with so many wonderful websites, you will find amazing sites at the top, in the middle & at the bottom of every Briidge category! Our requirements are determined by a number of key factors, some of which include: popularity, content & usefulness. No website is guarantied any spot. Website spots are subject to change without any notice. Would you like your website near the top of a category? Contact Briidge today!

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9Why use Briidge? Why use Briidge over other visual bookmark & web directories? Why is Briidge the best?
Briidge is committed to providing value, excellence & world class quality. Explore an internet hotspot filled with unlimited capabilities & possibilities. We all need more web choices, easier access to the most useful websites & a better handle of the overcrowded internet. We have a long way to go until we reach website perfection, but we will always continue to innovate, improve & expand. We believe in a more connected internet & bringing the gigantic web closer together. Everyone deserves easy access to the best websites. And we want to do that in the simplest way possible.

Arrive on Briidge & enjoy access to the world's best websites. Don’t waste anytime, no sign up or log in required. No need to remember another password! No typing or searching necessary. Just arrive & click, click, click to enjoy the greatest websites. With privacy becoming rare, we value your privacy, so we do not track you. Suggest your favourite websites & we will share those sites with the world - If they are good enough! We take your website submissions very seriously. Please continue to suggest websites & we will continue to feature the best. Use your imagination, the internet is yours. Briidge Everything.
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