We Believe The BEST and Most USEFUL Websites Have The Right To Be EASILY, EQUALLY & UNBIASEDLY Accessible For OUR Advantage and For YOURS

Here at Briidge, we understand what an undertaking it is to browse the internet. The problem is no longer finding what you need – but sifting through everything that you don't. To make your online experience simpler and less stressful from here on out, we have organized the entire internet into a series of hubs, which you can then use to work through any number of interests, from your favorite pastime to your daily projects. Research and browsing just got a whole lot simpler, thanks to Briidge. Take a step forward and see it for yourself! This is not a search engine.

A couple of decades ago, you might have struggled to find anything useful or intriguing on the internet. You would search for hours and hours, stumbling through the same dozen or so sites, none of which seemed to offer all of the answers. Every once in a while, you got lucky and found a hobbyist or an expert who was thinking the same thing that you were thinking. Forums and usergroups would, from time to time, provide you with what you needed.

The internet has grown up in that time, though. Today, you are much more likely to find TMI – too much information. There are more than a billion websites online at any moment, many of which take up multiple warehouses filled with servers. The largest social media platforms have become unmanageable even for their creators, let alone their users. You could spend a lifetime sifting through all of the information out there and scratch only a fraction of a fraction of it all.

This is why we have created Briidge, to connect you and the online world, to make all of that information a little less daunting and a little more accessible. Rather than tossing a search string into an engine and hoping that it comes back with a hit that aligns with what you are thinking, you can start from one of our hubs. All you need to do is select one of the hubs, which can be just about anything, and get reading. It is that simple by design.

We want you to know that you are not alone on this great, big internet. We see you, and we get it. There is no reason that we should all continue to tread water as we have, hoping that we will wander into the right websites and avoid all the wrong ones. Whatever your interests are, you will be able to find something intriguing, educational, and helpful.

Do some market research for your latest business. Learn a few tips about the sport you are practicing. It is all possible, and Briidge takes you there. Committed to making the modern version of the internet feel much, much smaller than it is, we want to reduce the stress and pressure that have become so common online today. We want to set back the clock – without giving up any of the information that we have collected over the years.

Briidge: once you start walking, it will take you to your destination.

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